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Join us to build a stronger early childhood system.

Become a Partner

We welcome individuals, organizations, coalitions, and businesses as partners. Add your voice to improve the lives of all children in Massachusetts. As a partner, you can choose to work on any of the priorities and support advocacy campaigns that best align with your interests. Participate when you want and how you want—join an established coalition or emerging workgroup, attend meetings, follow along with email updates, and provide feedback in a variety of ways.

  • Raise awareness: Help keep the focus on early childhood issues and raise awareness.

  • Build cross-sector collaboration: Children’s issues are interconnected. Help us build partnerships across various issue areas including health, housing, business, transportation, education, and more.

  • Elevate voices: Bring early childhood perspectives to discussions, meetings and events.

  • Advocate for The Agenda priorities: This is a true public–private partnership with opt-in advocacy. All of The Early Childhood Agenda's priorities deserve attention and focus! This statewide initiative is making progress on all 10 priorities by bringing together diverse coalitions and communities within early childhood fostering collaboration and maintaining the cohesion of these vital networks and providing a new facilitation structure with workgroups that build consensus around policy solutions.


Join any of the six coalitions we’ve named as lead advocates to continue to make progress on The Agenda’s 10 priorities!

Priority 1: Strengthen early education and care (Common Start Coalition)

Priority 3a: Support tax credit fairness (Healthy Families Tax Credit Coalition)

Priority 3b: Establish an adequate safety net (Lift Our Kids Coalition)

Priority 7a: Create a children’s cabinet (Child and Adolescent Health Initiative, contact Greg Hagan to join.)

Priority 7b: Establish a common application for public benefits This recommendation is going to be a reality for children and families. Stay tuned for updates!

10a: Universal school meals This recommendation is going to be a reality for children and families. Stay tuned for updates!